Avalanche Information for West Central Montana

Avalanche Information for West Central Montana

This site is sponsored by the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation (WCMAF), a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation. WCMAF is dedicated to promoting avalanche safety education and awareness by providing information to all interested user groups regarding terrain, weather and snow conditions that contribute to avalanche danger in West Central Montana.

WCMAF operates in partnership with the West Central Montana Avalanche Center (WCMAC) of the Lolo National Forest. WCMAC provides avalanche advisories that are updated Tuesday and Friday mornings during the winter.

West Central Montana Avalanche Advisory

(the advisory can be accessed by phone at 406-549-4488 or 800-281-1030)

April 4, 2014 Avalanche Information

Current Danger Rating is NO-RATING

Hello! This is Steve Karkanen at the West Central Montana Avalanche Center with an avalanche information update for Friday, April 4, 2014.

We are no longer issuing avalanche danger ratings for the 2013/14 season.

Mountain temperatures this week have ranged from the mid thirties and forties in the afternoons to the mid twenties overnight. The heavy snowfall many areas received last weekend has now been through a few melt-freeze cycles and is most likely as hard as concrete early in the day then becoming soft as the day progresses.

Aspects exposed to the sun are producing point release wet avalanches as the snow warms up in the afternoons and a few locations on the granite faces in the Bitterroot Mountains have seen much deeper avalanche activity during prolonged warm periods or during rain.

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