Avalanche Information for West Central Montana

Avalanche Information for West Central Montana

This site is sponsored by the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation (WCMAF), a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation. WCMAF is dedicated to promoting avalanche safety education and awareness by providing information to all interested user groups regarding terrain, weather and snow conditions that contribute to avalanche danger in West Central Montana.

WCMAF operates in partnership with the West Central Montana Avalanche Center (WCMAC) of the Lolo National Forest. WCMAC provides avalanche advisories that are updated Tuesday and Friday mornings during the winter.

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West Central Montana Avalanche Advisory

(the advisory can be accessed by phone at 406-549-4488 or 800-281-1030)

Avalanche Fatality in the Flint Creek Range

May 9, 2014 update. The Olson Gulch avalanche accident report is now available online:


On Saturday May 3 at 10 am, an experienced solo backcountry skier was caught in a wet snow avalanche in the southern portion of the Flint Creek range in the Olson Gulch drainage 10 air miles northwest of Anaconda, MT. He was carried approximately 760 feet down the path, strained through trees and was partially buried against a tree at the mid point of the avalanche. Although buried up to his chest, he was able to free himself enough to make a cell phone call to EMS and local SAR.  He reported having back and leg injuries and unable to extricate himself. SAR arrived on scene at approximately 1240 and began extrication efforts. Butte Life Flight paramedics and nurses also arrived after post holing uphill to the site from the LZ.  The individual died at the scene from injuries related to trauma.

The Avalanche Classification is: WL-ASu-D2-R2-I; a wet, loose snow, unintentionally triggered avalanche that could bury, injure or kill a person. The size of the avalanche is small relative to the historic path and the snow released on the new snow/old snow interface.

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